Following Jesus With Matthew

with Claire R. Pfann


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Why Matthew's Gospel is so important to us today!

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Taking a class can seem intimidating, but digging into the text and learning from this deeply Hebraic Gospel, then it becomes a powerful experience that will challenge your faith.  Each lesson you will dive into the study material, interact with the video teaching, and be quizzed on your knowledge.  This will sharpen your understanding of Matthew's Hebraic context and setting.  So, step up to the challenge of growing your faith by realizing how powerful the Gospel of Matthew really is! 


Follow Jesus in the book of Matthew

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The path to becoming a disciple (talmid)—a devoted follower of Messiah Jesus—takes intentionality and effort, so why not invest in this unique class on Matthew to inspire your discipleship journey? You are going to learn amazing things!


Excellent Course!

From Julie T Chan

I thoroughly enjoyed the course! Can't wait to read the Gospel of Matthew again-- now armed with the gems of information I learned from this course. Claire is a gifted lecturer. Her passion for the...

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Title tells exactly what is in the course.

From Carolyn Kiess

The teaching covered a lot of material yet flowed easily from chapter to chapter even with some material being left out. I appreciated the way modern material was brought in to confirm Matthew's wr...

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Not the usual approach to Matthew

From Charlotte Acken

It was extremely insightful and enlightening to see the way Matthew organized his Gospel. The organization presented provides a framework for more in-depth personal study.

What you will learn...

The Hebraic context

Why genealogy matters

Jesus' affirmation of Torah

Matthew's use of Parables

The important role of John the Baptist

What the Kingdom of the Messiah looks like


Introduction: Welcome to the course!


  • How to use this course
  • Before we begin survey...

Episode #1: Important Clues To Meaning: Beginning With The End In Mind


  • Video lesson
  • Quiz: Test your learning

Episode #2: The Surprising Family Tree of Jesus


  • Video lesson
  • Quiz: Test your learning

Episode #3: How the Infancy Narratives Connect with Israel's History


  • Video lesson
  • Quiz: Test your learning

Episode #4: John the Baptizer, Testing in the Wilderness, and a Masterful Teaching on Kingdom Life


  • Video Lesson
  • Quiz: Test your learning

Episode #5: Messiah's Call to a Lifetime of Loyalty


  • Video lesson
  • Quiz: Test your learning

Episode #6: Kingdom Priorities in Parables


  • Video lesson
  • Quiz: Test your learning

Episode #7: When the King's People Gather in His Name


  • Video lesson
  • Quiz: Test your learning

Episode #8: Being About Our Father's Business


  • Video lesson
  • Quiz: Test your learning
  • Please Rate: Encountering the King in the Gospel of Matthew

Final steps to complete the course!

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About Your Instructor

Claire R. Pfann

Claire R. Pfann

Instructor in New Testament and Academic Dean at the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem

Claire Ruth Pfann is Academic Dean and Instructor in New Testament at the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem. She received her Master of Arts in Bible from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and has studied for the Ph.D. under the direction of Prof. Michael Stone at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a popular lecturer for short-term study groups coming to Jerusalem, speaking frequently on the Jewish world of Jesus and the earliest Christians, women in the Bible, and society and daily life in New Testament times.

She has been featured in numerous television shows and documentaries on CNN, CBN, the BBC, and the History Channel.

Mrs. Pfann worked with Prof. Emanuel Tov, Editor-in-Chief of the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project from 1991-1997, serving as the Production Coordinator for Discoveries in the Judean Desert (Oxford University Press), the official publication series for the Dead Sea Scrolls. With her husband Stephen, an editor of the Scrolls written in Cryptic (or esoteric) scripts, she is producing the Comprehensive Concordance to the Scrolls as well as a web-based, Multimedia Educational Suite on Qumran and the Scrolls.

She is a contributor to the newly revised Encyclopedia Judaica (2006). Her most recent publication is “A Note on 1Q19,” in M. Stone, A. Amitai and V. Hillel, eds. Noah and His Book(s) (SBL, 2010).

With her husband, she wrote and compiled the database for the CD-ROM From Nazareth to Jerusalem: A Disciple’s Diary, and with the staff of the Center for the Study of Early Christianity, she contributed to the CD-ROM Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, produced for the Ministry of Tourism of Israel by UHL/CSEC.

In addition to her teaching and administrative duties, she is a member of the research team and content advisor for the Nazareth Village, a historical museum experience in Nazareth which recreates Jewish town life in the first century AD based on literary and archaeological sources and contemporary ethno-anthropological studies.

A native of San Jose, California, she has made her home in Jerusalem for the past thirty- four years together with her husband of thirty-nine years Stephen.

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