Heroes, Dragons and Empires

Reading Revelation Then and Now


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Thank you! I don't know what else to say but that you people do a wonderful job. No mere sentiment here. In all my contacts with JC Studies over the years one thing stands out: You guys have a passion to serve
Charles W.
It is eye opening that Dr. Ron said the people this was originally written to would have completely understood it, I mean we don’t, so it makes you wonder where we went wrong.
Melissa B.
I have been looking for something like this on the book of Revelation for years, because I've never understood it and always avoided reading it. Now I see it from a new perspective. Thank you for making material available online
Mark D.

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Is the Book of Revelation all gloom and doom?

(10 Direct Hours or 1.6 CEU's - Continuing Educational Units)


Hear from Dr. Herms why you need to enroll in this course!

You probably noticed that people have one of two reactions or approaches to the book of Revelation. They either don't know what to do with it and so they run from it as fast as they can, or they run to the safety of other places in scripture that seem more natural or easy to interpret.  We want to challenge you to come with a fresh set of eyes and explore the context of the 1st century. You will be surprised... The original audience fully understood what John was communicating to them!


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  • Overview: Your Online Classroom
  • Overview: Your Revelation Course FREE PREVIEW

Chapter One: Introduction & Orientation


  • Episode 1: Purpose, Posture and Assumptions FREE PREVIEW
  • Episode 2: On Revelation as Scripture and Interpretation History
  • Episode 3: Interpretive Approaches and Labels
  • Episode 4: What is an Apocalypse?
  • Episode 5: Sources for Creating an Apocalypse
  • Chapter One Quiz

Chapter Two: Finding the Gospel in Revelation


  • Episode 6: A Basic Outline of Revelation
  • Episode 7: How Does An Apocalyptic Work?
  • Episode 8: The Person of Jesus in Revelation (part one)
  • Episode 9: The Person of Jesus in Revelation (part two)
  • Episode 10: The Person of Jesus in Revelation (part three)
  • Episode 11: The Teaching of Jesus in Revelation
  • Episode 12: The Themes of Revelation
  • Chapter Two Quiz

Chapter Three: The Real-Life World of Revelation


  • Episode 13: Message to the Seven Churches (part one)
  • Episode 14: Message to the Seven Churches (part two)
  • Episode 15: Message to the Seven Churches (part three)
  • Episode 16: Message to the Seven Churches (part four)
  • Episode 17: Empire Claims and Propaganda
  • Chapter Three Quiz

Chapter Four: Jesus & the Kingdoms of the World


  • Episode 18: Who is Worthy to Open the Scroll?
  • Episode 19: The Seven Seals (part one)
  • Episode 20: The Seven Seals (part two)
  • Episode 21: The Seven Seals (part three)
  • Episode 22: Cycles of Violence Judgment and Hell
  • Chapter Four Quiz

Chapter Five: The Role of Faithful Witness


  • Episode 23: The Work of Faithful Witness (part one)
  • Episode 24: The Message in the Numbers - How did Daniel Tell Time?
  • Episode 25: The Work of Faithful Witness (part two)
  • Chapter Five Quiz

Chapter Six: The Political & Economic Challenge of Revelation


  • Episode 26: Dragons and Beasts as Background to Rev 12-13
  • Episode 27: Use of Apocalyptic Symbols in Rev 13
  • Episode 28: Merging Religion with Political Allegiance
  • Episode 29: Calculating the Number of the Beast
  • Episode 30: The Political Claims of the Empire - Rev 17
  • Episode 31: A Critique of Economic Excess - Rev 18
  • Chapter Six Quiz

Chapter Seven: All Things New


  • Episode 32: Divine Warrior and the End of Evil - Rev 19 (part one)
  • Episode 33: Divine Warrior and the End of Evil - Rev 19 (part two)
  • Episode 34: The Triumph of the Kingdom - Rev 20
  • Episode 35: Nature of Justice and New Creation - Rev 20-21
  • Episode 36: Visions and Images of Kingdom Come (part one)
  • Episode 37: Visions and Images of Kingdom Come (part two)
  • Episode 38: The Challenge and Hope of the Kingdom
  • Chapter Seven Quiz
  • Please Rate: Reading Revelation Then & Now

About Your Instructor

Dr. Ron Herms

Dr. Ron Herms

Dr. Ron Herms is a husband, father, and serves at Fresno Pacific University as Dean of the School of Humanities, Religion, and Social Sciences as well as an affiliated instructor at multiple universities. Ron hold a Ph.D. in Early Jewish & Christian Apocalyptic Literature from the University of Durham.


Enlightening and Empowering

From Evelyn Tucker

Any one taking this course, hungering for understanding, clarity and hope, will surely have that goal met. The professor’s presentation was so clear and paced optimally, that caused you to be excit...

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