Taken Out of Context

Why Study of the Second Temple Period Should Matter to Christians


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A Better Understanding

From Stephen Madaffari

The course provides a clearly organized approach on this subject. Although I am familiar with some of this material, the course structure enables a foundation to continue learning this importan...

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From Elisha Harrison

Enjoyed, learned, grew in my relationship with HaShem.

Learned so much!

From Kandi Hancock

I learned so much that I never knew before. I had no idea the importance of context and insight that the 2nd Temple Period had over the context of the entire New Testament. Every Christian needs ...

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Text in context

From David Reece

I enjoyed this class a lot. Looking at the text in its culture, political environment, and geography shines a new light into its meaning and brings new riches from the depths.

liked it

From Thomas Shine

great job of showing the importance of the period and the sources outside the Bible and how they help to create context.

What You Will Learn

Midrash (Jewish variances of biblical interpretation)

Why 2nd Temple Period has been ignored in historical Christianity

Context of Jerusalem before exile and its destruction

Understanding Jesus' teachings in 2nd Temple period context

Importance of the Maccabees and Intertestamental Period

How 1st century Jews understood & interpreted Scripture


Taken Out Of Context


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About Your Instructor

Tom Guilliams, PhD

Tom Guilliams, PhD

Tom's speciality is the literature of the Second Temple Judaism period. In Taken out of Context, he provides a clear historical portrait of the times that set up the "fullness of time" into which the Father sent His Son. You'll learn important principles that prove this perspective is a gift from God to our generation. And you'll be better equipped to read and teach the Bible for all it's worth!

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