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What You Will Learn

Common mistakes of interpretation

Why scholars tend to allegorize

Difference between fable/allegory/parable

Jewish background and context of parables

The cultural background to the Prodigal Son

The underlying themes of Jesus' parables

Course Description

What is a parable? How should we interpret parables? What do they mean for us today?

Parables seems to be that mystery, that only can be unlocked by the deeply spiritual.  But this literary vehicle, is not meant to confound, but to clarify truths about cost of following the Messiah Jesus.  The challenge is to properly interpret these misunderstood and misapplied teachings back to their original context, where the power of the story is most profound!

Course Overview

Short message from our VP David Hancock

What is a parable?  What if I told you that the parable, as a literary device, is unique to Judaism?  Why are most parables misunderstood?  Listen to our overview to find out more...


Parables - Jewish Background To Jesus' Parables


  • Video Episode #1 - The Jewish Background To Jesus' Parables

Parables - The Two Debtors and the Prodigal Son


  • Video Episode #2 - The Two Debtors and the Prodigal Son

Parables - The Parable of the Soil & The Secrets of God


  • Video Episode #3 - The Parable of the Soil & The Secrets of God

Parables - A Good Heart & Pearl of Great Price


  • Video Episode #4 - A Good Heart & Pearl of Great Price
  • Quiz for Parables Course
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About Your Instructor

Dwight A. Pryor, ThD

Dwight A. Pryor, ThD

Dwight A. Pryor founded The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies (JC Studies) in 1984 and served as its president until his death in 2011. He was a founding board member of the Israel based Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research. While studying in Israel, he came to realize the critical importance of understanding Christianity's Hebraic origins and the richness of exploring sacred Scripture in context.

Dwight traveled the world as one of the most widely acclaimed and respected teachers on the subject. His academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy—with special distinction—from the University of Oklahoma. Dwight continued an extensive course of postgraduate studies in Philosophy and Judaism from the University of Texas while serving the Body of Christ as an itinerant teacher. In recognition of a long and distinguished career, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Theology degree from CSBR.

He published video curriculum and over fifty audio seminars exploring every aspect of biblical theology using the tools of language and culture. His wisdom and insights continue to edify and inspire disciples around the world.

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