Reassessing the Doctrine of Original Sin and its Ramifications

A cohort class harnesses the power of the internet to provide an accessible blend of self-study and group learning. Enrollment for "Reassessing Original Sin" is open until February 15th, 2020.


How Israel's Story Shaped Paul's Worldview & Communities

Stories matter. How Israel's story shaped Paul's worldview and the communities was the lens in how Paul viewed the Torah, how Paul viewed the cosmos, how Paul viewed creation, and how Paul viewed the patriarchs. Find out more


Following Jesus: Encountering the King in the Gospel of Matthew

Our goal is to unpack the Hebraic context and message of Matthew's Gospel. This profound writing provides us with such a rich Hebraic structure and insight to our Messiah Jesus, so this is one study you don't want to miss!


Heroes, Dragons and Empires: Reading Revelation Then and Now

Many today see it as a portal into nothing but "end time" events. But Dr. Ron Herms helps us untangle these misconceptions and misinterpretations by setting Revelation back into its original context and audience. (10 Direct Hrs or CEU's 1.6)


"Behold The Man!"

Using tools of language and culture, Dwight guides students into the Jewish life of Jesus. He brings out the richness of the Gospels in context and shares spiritual insights that transform the way you read and live sacred Scripture. (8 hrs. -1.3 CEU)


On This Rock

The word radical in this title comes from the meaning of the Latin original, root. We want to go back to the roots of our faith and to the roots of this enterprise we call the church. This is going to be a challenging study because the subject is so