Reassessing the Doctrine of Original Sin and its Ramifications

Reassessing the Doctrine of Original Sin is everything you've come to expect from the Center for Judaic-Christian Studies. Our biblically-balanced use of Hebrew language and culture provide fresh insights into living a kingdom life as modeled, taught, and empowered by Jesus of Nazareth.

Your transformation is the goal of our education.

What are the ideas behind, and the implications of what is commonly known as "Original Sin"? Judaism and Christianity have long been at odds over this dogma developed by Augustine of Hippo in the 4th century. Together, we'll take a comprehensive look at the biblical texts and bring much-needed clarity to this controversial subject while examining its profound implications for our view of God, man, and salvation.

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Original sin/paradigm shift

From toni moore

What a paradigm shift for me! Learning so much from JC Studies courses, CDs, etc. This one was a game changer since not too many in the church have taken this on, and in the past many years I hav...

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Caught my attention fast !!

From frances bosman

About to consolidate this excellent course by going through it again .Such a really satisfying thing to be able to do. Especially when you want to share the important concepts you have grasped from...

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As one of Dwight Pryor's last recorded seminars, this important teaching showcases the breadth of his learning and the depth of his pastoral heart. Dwight was passionate about helping disciples fulfill their high calling in Jesus. As a result, he relentlessly pursued biblical truth by applying a Hebraic Perspective to crucial subjects.

Dwight A. Pryor, ThD, founded The Center for Judaic-Christian Studies (JC Studies) in 1984 and served as its president until his death in 2011. A respected scholar, he traveled the world as one of the most widely acclaimed teachers concerning the Jewish roots of Christianity. Dwight published video curricula and over fifty audio seminars using the tools of language and culture to explore every aspect of biblical theology from a Hebraic perspective. His wisdom and insights continue to edify and encourage disciples everywhere.

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Bold. Paradigm shifting. Timely. Simply Dwight at his best. People I care for will be more whole because of this class.
Lead Pastor Class Review
The application conversations led by James helped the teaching get from my head to my heart.
Alumnus Cohort Review
This study deserves way more than 5 stars. It could possibly be the most life-changing and powerful study Dwight ever taught.
Haverim Member Seminar Review

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Lesson 1: Original Sin - Adam's or Augustine's?
Lesson 2: Greco-Roman Distortions in Our View of Sin, Salvation, and Law
Lesson 3: Rereading Genesis Apart from Augustinian Assumptions
Lesson 4: Rethinking Original Sin, the Character of God, and our Destiny in Messiah


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